Arm boss We can do it ourselves

After years of a major regulatory fight in the UK, US and EU, what would have been the biggest computer chip deal in history is now dead in the water. But the new boss of Arm, the Cambridge-based company often described as one of the UK’s biggest tech success stories, is optimistic.

And while he blames the failure of Arm’s planned sale to Nvidia on a “challenging regulatory environment,” Rene Haas, in his first week as chief executive, is keen to stress that it will be fine on its own.

We are very excited about Arm’s future as an independent company again,” he tells BBC News. There’s nothing Nvidia and Arm can do together that we can’t do alone. chip designs Softbank, which acquired Arm in 2016, plans an initial public offering within a year.

But some things will not change. Arm’s technology for semiconductors is already widely used in mobile phones, tablets and digital televisions. It licenses its chip designs to customers rather than manufacturing them itself. And Nvidia has confirmed that it will continue its own 20-year license agreement with the company.

In many ways, it’s a very comfortable pace in terms of the business that we have,” says Haas. The difference now is that we’re getting out of the regulatory process and we’re back on our own feet again and we can start thinking about new opportunities. These will include continuing to expand into areas such as cloud computing and the automotive industry.

More exciting Those two markets are experiencing tremendous growth and really have the same features as smartphones,” says Haas. Both need more and more computing performance, but also more and more efficiency, whether it’s a data center where limited power can go in or an electric vehicle that runs on a battery. Both are also software intensive. But it also intends to go much further.

What’s most exciting is that there’s no end market that you can look at, whether it’s the metaverse, IOT [internet of things], artificial intelligence, and say Arm can’t have a place there,” says Haas.