Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Note Hello Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of smartphones appears to be discontinued. But for those who miss it, the Note lives on in one of Samsung’s new flagship devices.

The company announced during a virtual event on Wednesday its next-generation Galaxy S flagship smartphones: the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Android 5G devices deliver on what you’d expect from any new phone in 2022

camera upgrades, better battery life, and next-generation chips, among other features. They’re also more environmentally friendly, all partially constructed from recycled plastic from the ocean.

The clear star, however, is the Ultra S22, which will look and feel a bit familiar to some who owned the Samsung Galaxy Note, the “phablet” line that hasn’t been updated in two years and never quite recovered. from a mass recall in 2016 after reports of battery fires.

The new 6.8-inch smartphone melds the Note series, which has long appealed to professionals and creatives (yes, it comes with the Note’s signature built-in S Pen stylus and borrows the large Note design) with the advanced camera and the performance of the Galaxy S line. The goal is to appeal to people who want a device to serve multiple purposes. The line between work and personal life continues to blur with smartphones, and fewer and fewer people carry separate devices to manage each one,” said Ramón Llamas, director of market research firm IDC, referring to the rumours. about the S22 Ultra before the event.

Smartphone owners don’t want to miss out on the productivity and convenience, both personal and professional, of their devices. So putting the best of the Note with the best of the Galaxy lineup can appeal to every customer.”
The entire Galaxy S22 lineup has a lot going for it, from more camera controls and photography tools to a faster processor, longer-lasting batteries and more privacy controls. But as with any update, Samsung will need to prove that its latest enhancements are worth the investment.