Samsung phones with parts made from fishing nets

Samsung has announced a range of new Galaxy smartphones, offering improved cameras and the option of a stylus. The firm spoke about the use of recycled materials, such as reused fishing nets and used water bottles.

His “Galaxy for the Planet” is a five-year plan to eliminate plastics in packaging and prevent manufacturing waste from going to landfill. The experts welcomed the green initiative.

Nylon fishing nets are converted into polyamide resin pellets used in the production of brackets that hold the power and volume keys. Discarded water bottles and CD cases are also used to create components. Of his green initiative, Forrester analyst Thomas Husson said there was still “a lot to do.” Today, most consumers have no idea how harmful it is for the planet to regularly renew their smartphone hardware. Once they realize that, sustainability will become a key way to differentiate between brands. smartphone premium.

Ben Wood, chief analyst at research firm CCS Insight, said it was encouraging to see Samsung talk about its efforts to improve the sustainability of its products, but noted that the most important thing phonemakers can do for the environment is make long-term changes. durable devices. Using recycled materials is just one piece of the puzzle,” he said.

CCS Insight’s own research suggests that it’s getting harder to persuade people to upgrade their phones, as the primary motivation for getting a new device is that the current phone is broken or malfunctioning. Samsung still lags behind Apple in most markets, according to Forrester

in the UK, 40% of adults with a smartphone have an iPhone, compared to 33% with a Samsung device in the US, 51% have iPhones and 29% use a Samsung in France it is 22% Apple devices and 41% Samsung in Australia 43% iPhone, 38% Samsung Husson said the launch offered Samsung a “window of opportunity” to catch up.

Given Huawei’s struggles, Xiaomi’s lack of brand credentials in Europe yet, and the fact that Apple won’t launch the iPhone 14 before the end of… 2022, Samsung has a couple of months to establish leadership in the market.” high-end market. The new range includes the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Prices range from £769 to £1,499.