Tidak Pernah Show Off Harta and Kemewahan Siti Nurhaliza Saya Tetap Siti Nurhaliza Yang

Tidak Pernah Show Off Harta and Kemewahan Siti Nurhaliza Saya Tetap Siti Nurhaliza Yang

That day, when Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza appeared at the door of the studio for the photography session promised with #GempakTheUntoldStory, she kindly greeted while some apologized for the delay.

Siti Aafiyah, his eldest daughter’s jewel, refused to let him go out to work.
“I’m sorry, Aafiyah has to breastfeed. He was like that, most faithfully, if I came home late at midnight for work, he would wait.
Not sleeping, will sleep together,” said Siti while producing a sweet smile that always makes the audience ‘anesthetized’ to see it.
For the first time being the face of GempakTheUntoldStory with her latest story, Siti who has just celebrated her 43rd birthday and has been the most influential performer for 25 years not only in Malaysia but also in the archipelago is sitting and talking about the transition phases of her life.
He admitted, let his career never be left behind, now the priority is for the family. In fact, the wife of entrepreneur Datuk Seri Khalid Muhammad Jiwa described the pandemic that hit the world as having given a lot of wisdom in her life.
How do you see the journey of life in 2022? Siti: 2022 slowly everyone is back to activity after two years of pandemic. We can see that every group of self -employed, business or government and private employees carry out routines by maintaining compliance with SOPs.
Artwork is also active again and this provides a good opportunity for artists and creative industry workers to work better. I feel that opportunities for myself are also more open, in addition to continuing the usual art activities, the demand such as successful tv programs, dinner performances and endorsements are also increasing. 2022 too, I definitely want the latest single or album as well as a concert, God willing.
How has the pandemic affected Siti’s life? Siti : Pandemics certainly affect many things not only to me but the world community. I consider it wise for me to be able to spend time with my family, let alone give birth to Muhammad Afwa during the pandemic. This also allows me to focus on the kids.
Also, the pandemic taught me to be a creative person, both in arts and business activities. Many things I do from home online and I do myself. Alhamdulillah.
Competing is not something to think about after 25 years. But Siti wants to make sure it stays relevant. Siti’s relevant definition is in terms of albums, songs still playing on radio funnels, corporate performances still there or the business is growing and strong? Siti : Although the sentence no longer wants to compete and of course from the beginning I myself have never used the term competition except in healthy terms or meanings. We have a mission, passion and effort to work hard and always want to come up with a good work or presentation.
Over time and age, I think the responsibilities have become wider, I have to set an example, give a good shift in whatever I do, both in terms of personal, career and even the business I build. Good, continuous and organized planning will be able to be the benchmark to everything we want.

It is not easy to be a successful woman. How to divide between personal and career, especially after having two lights? Siti : Yes, I admit this, especially when it comes to dividing time after having two children. I also have to provide a balance between time for family, art work as well as business. My management and my business company will arrange my schedule so that I still have time for the kids. Maybe I can’t meet some of the demands because at the moment I have to put family first.

Kepala bergetar

Is Siti’s booster every time she is tired of facing the audience? Siti : I am sincere and love what I do. This will indirectly get rid of all the tiredness because whatever I do, I am not doing for myself alone. I want to be a human being who is beneficial to others. I invite my fans to become entrepreneurs with my company, I still do charity work with the Nurjiwa Foundation that my husband and I work on and of course all this makes me more passionate in everything I do.
 Being an artist for 25 years, owning a business empire, owning assets or owning a luxury brand is no stranger. But Siti is a celebrity who never showcases the luxuries of life to the public. How can Siti maintain the principle of not showing off in today’s social media world? Siti : I am still Siti Nurhaliza that you know. It is the husband who buys, chooses and so on because he is more knowledgeable. I will appreciate and wear what is provided and certainly once in a while to appreciate myself, I will buy what I want. For me, all I have is a loan and this all belongs to God. Being a grateful person and trying to get what we want is very inspiring to us.
One item that is still in Siti’s storage since she started singing until now? Siti : I’m the kind of person who keeps, what I have from then until now, including the gem ring that the deceased gave me, will remain a memory forever.
Impact : The world is changing with technology.The way fans or audiences cast opinions or criticisms is also unstoppable. How does Siti filter every criticism so that it does not leave a bad mark on the heart or give a negative feeling? Siti : I have long been strong for every accusation. The slogan ‘don’t live on the praise deck and don’t die on the vile deck’ has long been my strength. I may be strong in terms of accepting but I’m a bit worried in terms of the way people are now.
I sincerely hope that we as an eastern society full of manners, politeness with admirable culture can be maintained. Let it be as high as any technology today but we must always keep the words and ground it.
The problem of mental health disorders today is not a new issue. With the stress of life, the pressure on social media. As a public figure, has Siti personally experienced stress or symptoms such as Anxiety in order to ensure that the fans’ wishes are met? Siti : I understand many situations make mental health problems stressful in today’s society, we need to understand and help each other.
Maybe I can share tips or advice for those with mental health problems? Siti : I also hope that each individual will also be more open by telling their problems so that there are people who can dive in, help and listen. Both parties help each other.
Any projects this year? The new or closest album might be a Ramadan song. Maybe there are also special handicrafts in conjunction with Aidilfitri? Siti : A lot is arranged but I also have to see which ones need to come first. God willing, it will be done one by one.
Aafiyah is a wise child. His skill is so touching. As a mother, what does Siti expect from this eldest daughter? Siti : I am also happy to see the development of Aafiyah, more and more new things that Aafiyah went through, lived and became a wise child. My hope is of course for Aafiyah to grow up as a child who can think good and bad, respect people and adapt to the environment.
Afwa is also getting tired. Maybe different experiences raising daughters and boys. What is the easiest and most difficult to understand the character of a boy? Siti : Afwa is cooler and easier to take care of, although it is not much different in Aafiyah’s babyhood, boys are still different. Afwa will only cry or whine when she wants milk and is a person who is easy to smile, quick to laugh and I describe her as ‘friendly’.
How does Siti see the next five years? Will we still continue to have Datuk Siti as the heart of the entertainment world or is Datuk already thriving and focused as an entrepreneur? Siti : I can’t predict the future but I’m still ready to face it. Work as well as business for me is something I am interested in and work on for the future. If I wasn’t in front of the screen, maybe I would be behind the scenes of art, everything could have just happened. I also hope my business survives and continues to thrive.
Sorry to ask. Many artists around the world eventually choose to plunge into the world of politics after having influence. Ever thought of jumping into the political arena? If not, why and if so, why? Siti : I have always worked as an artist and also an entrepreneur. I helped the community by doing charity work and setting up the Nurjiwa Foundation. Everyone has their own way of contributing to society.
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